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Frequent asked questions

Prometeo is an APIs platform that accesses bank domain. With Prometeo you can log in, show personal and multi-managed accounts, show account movements, bank transfers, obtain data from different financial institutions and show the list of the institutions you have access to.

If you are developing a loan platform, a crowdfunding, a financial service or if you are a personal finance manager, Prometeo can help you. Prometeo connects you with the bank information of your users, so you can concentrate on the core of your business. In that way, Prometeo could be agood friend if your project is about credit analysis, bank account validation, centralized bill payments, financial education tools, electronic wallets, bank account consolidation, detection and tracking of payments, etc.

An Application Programming Interface, is a software interface that helps us to connect other systems to ours to create a bigger one. This connection is under some security standards that in our project development.

  • Banco Nación - Argentina
  • Private Beta - Brazil
  • Banco Estado - Chile
  • Bancolombia - Colombia
  • Davivienda - Colombia
  • Dian - Colombia
  • Banco del Pacífico - Ecuador
  • Banco Internacional - Ecuador
  • Banorte - México
  • Citi Banamex - México
  • Santander - México
  • Sat - México
  • Banco Nacional - Panamá
  • Banco General - Panamá
  • Caja de Ahorros - Panamá
  • Banco de Crédito - Perú
  • Scotiabank - Perú
  • BROU - Uruguay
  • BCU - Uruguay
  • Edenred - Uruguay
  • Itaú - Uruguay
  • Mi dinero - Uruguay
  • Santander - Uruguay

No, it doesn’t. Prometeo has a banking api, but also a Sat-api for Sistema de Administración Tributaria in Mexico. A Curp- api for Clave Única de Registro de Población in Mexico, Dian- api for Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales in Colombia and BCU UY- api for Banco Central del Uruguay.

We work with the most suitable practices in the financial sector. Prometeo operative follows standardized security practices recommended by PCI DSS and ISO 27001. Our systems are all auditable, which guarantees the correct verification of the process and configurations. We choose OAuth2 as authentication mechanism and hardened connections that go encrypted from start to end.

Yes, it is. The connection to the platform is very simple and Prometeo’s support team is one email away. Prometeo connects to financial institutions using JSON format as text structure for simple data exchange. It’s easy to read and process by any system, no matter the language or framework.

You can contact us at and our team will give you a demo.

The API-key is necessary for our users as they need it to make requests to any financial institution, except to login in the home banking.

Yes, you can. Once you login in the dashboard with your user and password, you can change your API-key as many times you consider necessary.

The API Sandbox was designed so you can test the platform. The objective is to verify the data obtained by the API.

You can use our testing environment for two months.

For more security, some banks require some user’s interaction. It could be an otp token, security questions or 2FA confirmation.

Yes, you can. You can list all the users of an account and select the one you want to operate with.

  • Código 200: Successful login
  • Código 401: API Key missing
  • Código 403: Authentication error.
    • wrong_credentialsIncorrect user or password.
    • user_blocked Blocked user.
    • max_sessions_reached The user already has an opened session, or it reached the permitted sessions limit.

The session takes five minutes. If during this time the user makes another request, the time extends for five more minutes. After five minutes from the last request, the user needs to start the session again.

In our documentation ou will find a detailed documentation for every endpoint. You can select the programming language you are developing.

You can contact us at Our technical team will help you to find the solution that best suits you, so you can continue developing your project.

Every user has access to this information in its dashboard.
At the end of the month, every client receives an email showing the monthly report with the consumed request.

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