Validation API's

The API's that allow your company to validate your bank accounts information with those accounts you need to interoperate with.

Validation API's

What kind of accounts can you validate?

Valid bank accounts in real time before an on boarding or a payment.

  • Savings accounts

  • Checking accounts

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Illustration of Prometeo's infrastructure

What information can you validate?

Our API gives you validated information directly from the banking institution.

  • Account numbers

  • Current operative accounts

  • Account holder information

  • Account currency

What benefits do you enjoy when integrating with our API's?

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Validate account numbers and its operative validity, as well as the account holder information.
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Access to relevant information concerning the account holder.
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Prevent mistakes and costs overrun for transactions made to wrong accounts.
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Prevent fraud.

What is the integration process like?



Registration on Prometeo's platform.

Access to APIs.



API testing in sandbox environment.

Integration development.



Test in test environment.


QA Production

Production integration validation.


On Air

Deployment of the solution in production.

What are we building up?

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