Now your company can accept payments using QR code

Enable your customers to make payments using QR codes. With this solution, your customer scans a code and instantly connects with their bank to complete the payment within seconds.

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QR payments:

an easy solution

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By enabling QR code payments, you open up the possibility for transactions beyond your platform

With a QR code, your customers can make payments without the hassle of logging into your app or website. When they scan the code, an interface pops up, linking them directly to their bank for a seamless payment process. It’s simple – no need to open apps, websites, or home banking.

Accept payments seamlessly without the necessity for integrations

With this product, customers can pay by scanning a code, which you can have available in your virtual or physical store, all without the need for integrations or developments in your platform.

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Receive money in real-time with QR payments

By scanning the QR code, the customer connects to their bank account and approves the payment. At that moment, the funds seamlessly transfer from their account directly to your company's account in real-time, without any intermediaries.

Pay with QR, in 4 steps


Your company displays the QR available in a visible place in the physical or virtual store.


At checkout, the customer scans the code.


The code takes the customer to an interface where they can link to their bank and authorize the payment.


Your company receives the payment at that moment.

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What do you need for your customers to be able to pay with QR code?

It's really easy!

  • 1
    Open an account at Prometeo.
  • 2
    Request access to the Production environment.
  • 3
    You create the QR of your company and leave it visible in the physical or virtual store.
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For which types of companies is it ideal to accept payments through QR codes?

Regardless of the industry, the QR code is convenient for any company looking to receive payments without requiring customers to log in to their platform or use integrated payment methods. With this product, companies can:

  • Sell
  • Allow service payments


Provide an alternative payment method, allowing your customers to be independent of credit cards, cash, or the need to log in to your website or app.


It enables your users to virtually pay for the services they purchase from your company (education, health, transportation, wellness...) using funds from their bank account, all without the need to log in to your website.

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QR Collections: another way to scale your business

  • Real-time money: The payment is made directly from your client's account to your company's account, ensuring immediate crediting of funds.

  • Intermediary-Free Payments: QR payments are a direct transaction between the customer's bank account and the company's bank account, ensuring instant effectiveness without the need for approvals or intermediaries.

  • Cost-Effective: With no intermediaries involved in the payment process, costs are reduced, benefiting the company.

  • Secure payment: The payment adheres to the same security standards as the bank, including the requirement for double authentication factor.

  • Easy conciliation: Monitor all payments, identifying the amount, time, and status of each one through a dashboard accessible to your company.

  • Real-time information: All transactions are updated as soon as they occur, enabling your company to instantly track the status of each payment.

QR payments, secure transactions

At Prometeo, security is a fundamental aspect. That's why we adhere to standards that ensure payments are conducted reliably and in alignment with international standards.

  • This service requires two-factor authentication by the user.

  • We do not store, save or share any information.

  • We have ISO 27001 certification, which means that our operations adhere to security practices aligned with high international security standards.

  • We monitor our systems 24 hours a day to detect and analyze in real time any security alert in our records.

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