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Our partners program is designed to enhance successful collaborations that are mutually beneficial for our Account to account payments clients.

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What will you find here?

Benefits for your company

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    Increase conversion rates

    Nowadays, the majority of digital payments operate through debit and credit card channels. Offering a transfer payment option allows you to reach new users who do not have cards. This translates to better conversion rates and higher return on investment.

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    Business positioning

    By having a new payment option, you can position yourself as a company that embraces innovation, meets the needs of its audience, and offers new and improved options.

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    Marketing Strategy

    Incorporating our link, QR, or integrated payments into your channel can reach audience segments that you currently haven't considered and are underserved. For example, payment links are easy to send via WhatsApp or text message for users who don't pay through online platforms.

Communicate to your customers that Prometeo is available through clear messages. It's important to emphasize the security, privacy, and flexibility that Prometeo provides.

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Visual guide and assets

To assist you in visually presenting Prometeo on your platform, we have created a visual guide that will provide instructions on topics such as logo usage, payment buttons, and the use of the name Prometeo.

How to Present Prometeo: Key messages


Credits and loans


  • Real-time payment: Your company receives loan or credit installment payments easily and quickly through bank transfer.
  • Automated and frictionless process: Users don't need to visit payment networks in person; they can pay directly on the website or through a payment link.
  • Security: Since it's a bank transfer payment method, banking institution security protocols are used, and additionally, user data is not stored.

Key message

Thanks to our partnership with Prometeo, we are now able to receive payment from our customers via bank transfer in real-time.

This collaboration not only streamlines the payment process but also ensures security in every transaction.

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  • Instant reload: Money transfer from the bank account to the virtual wallet is done instantly so that the funds are available without delay.
  • Promotes connectivity and interoperability: Wallet reloading can be done from any bank account.
  • Frictionless reload: Users can reload money from your website or app.

Key message

We partnered with Prometeo to provide you with a frictionless and real-time experience for reloading your virtual wallet.

This alliance will enable us to offer our customers a secure option to receive their money instantly.

Frequently asked questions

Here we present a series of frequently asked questions that you can address with your clients when telling them about Prometeo's transfer payment solution.

The goal at this stage is for you to highlight the benefits of paying with bank transfer, its security, and value proposition compared to other payment methods.

What is Prometeo?

Prometeo is a fintech specialized in technological infrastructure that offers various products based on banking connections. Prometeo enables communication with the bank, with the express consent of the user, so that they can access their account and initiate a payment.

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What are bank transfer payments?

Prometeo enables you to receive payments directly from your users' bank accounts into your own account. It facilitates the initiation of payments at the customer's bank and their subsequent reception in the company's account.

If you are a payment gateway and are offering Prometeo among your options, your customers can benefit from a solution different from the others already available.

Most digital payment methods operate within the realm of credit cards. By incorporating Prometeo, you or your customers will be capturing a broader audience.

What are the main benefits of paying through the bank via Prometeo?

The main benefits for businesses are:

  • Instant payments: Money is received instantly as the payment is processed as a transfer.
  • No intermediaries: Unlike credit cards, there are no intermediaries; Prometeo simply facilitates the connection between both accounts.
  • Lower fees: Without intermediaries, the costs for each payment are significantly lower.
  • Low code: If you use the payment option via link or QR code, integration is not necessary.
What is the difference between a bank transfer payment and other electronic payment methods?

The main difference is that Prometeo does not have its own bank accounts (collection account); the money goes directly from the end user's account to the merchant's or company's account. With other electronic payment methods, the money is always transferred to an intermediary account first and then transferred to the company's account from there.

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Is Prometeo safe?

Yes, Prometeo strictly adheres to the security standards defined by PCI (Payment Card Industry Compliance). These standards were developed to protect the data of credit card owners during and after a financial transaction. Additionally, we are a certified company with ISO 27001, the international standard that ensures the security, confidentiality, and integrity of data and information, as well as the systems that process it.

Prometeo communicates with the bank so that the user can initiate the payment from their bank account. For this reason, Prometeo never has access to the user's credentials.

When connecting to banks, a cryptographic bridge is created between the financial institution and the customer, which keeps the data secure and private at all times. This ensures that:

  • No information is stored
  • No information is shared
  • No actions are taken from users' bank accounts

Additionally, we have surveillance systems that operate 24 hours a day to detect and analyze any security alerts in our records.

If you want to learn more about the security tools used, we invite you to read our Security section.

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What other security mechanisms are employed?
  • Two-factor authentication: When making a payment, prior to confirming a transaction through Prometeo, the user must enter a two-factor authentication (token/PIN), similar to what is required in online banking for financial institutions. Two-factor or multi-factor authentication is a security measure aimed at preventing fraud in non-face-to-face banking transactions, i.e., those that are not conducted in a bank branch or with a physical credit card. Before making an online transaction or using a mobile application, at least two forms of identity verification of the account holder will be required.
  • Direct communication between bank accounts: Prometeo does NOT hold money in a bank account to then disburse it (as other providers do), but instead, it sets up its infrastructure so that the user initiates a payment from their bank account and the merchant or company receives it in theirs. All money flow goes through the banking infrastructure with the same guarantee as the bank's own.
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