Frictionless payments with bank transfers

Account to account payments allow your customers to pay you directly from their bank account and in real-time.

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Account to Account

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Bank transfer payments, instant liquidity

With Account-to-Account Payments, your customer connects to their bank account and makes the payment in seconds, ensuring that the money moves immediately from their bank account to your company's account. Take your company's payment options beyond credit cards, forget intermediaries, eliminate the hours (or days) it takes to receive your money, and say goodbye to chargebacks due to fraud.

Instant payments

By utilizing bank transfer payments, the transaction process becomes swift and efficient for both the customer and the company.

When customers opt for Prometeo as their payment method, they can seamlessly initiate the payment process. Upon selection, an intuitive interface promptly appears, enabling them to securely link to their bank and authorize the payment within seconds—all without leaving the platform. Simultaneously, within a matter of seconds, the company promptly receives the funds in its designated bank account.

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Increase conversion rate and reach new markets

Fuel your business growth with our Account to Account Payment service. Provide your customers with a hassle-free alternative to traditional bank transfers. There's no credit card requirements , no additional fees, no lengthy approval processes, and no need for your customers to navigate away from your company's platform.

You can have this service integrated in less than 10 days, with ongoing technical support. Start receiving payments via bank transfer, in less than 2 weeks.


Day 1

  • Kick off
  • Prometeo account creation
  • Application Stage Environment in Production Test
  • Widget ID Request


Day 2 - 3

  • Embed the widget on the web

Day 4

  • Make URL available for webhook
  • Creation of verify token (the personalized code with which you will receive notifications from Prometeo)

Day 5 - 7

  • Payment status control


Day 8

  • Testing with trial payments

Day 9

  • Testing with real payments

Start up

Day 10

  • Production output
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Bank transfer payments: the best way to scale your business

  • Real time: The payment is made directly from your customer's account to your company's account, ensuring immediate funds credited.

  • No approval Hassles: With Bank transfers, payments flow directly without the need for approvals or intermediaries, streamlining the process.

  • Cost-Effective: With no intermediaries in the payment process, costs are reduced, benefiting the company.

  • Robust Security: Payments are executed with the same stringent security standards employed by banks, including double-factor authentication for added protection.

  • Easy Reconciliation: Keep track of all bank transfer payments, identifying the amount, time, and status of each transaction through a dashboard.

  • Real-Time Information: You’ll receive real-time updates as the transactions occur, providing your company with instant visibility into the status of each payment.

Efficient payments

Accepting payments via Bank transfer, your company receive money easily and securely, and your customer can:

  • Make purchases
  • Top up their accounts
  • Pay for services
  • Recurring payments


Allow your customers to pay for the products they purchase without leaving your website or app, improving your sales conversion rate.


Enable your users to top up their digital wallets with money from their bank accounts. The money is credited to their wallets in real-time, allowing them to use it instantly.


Let your users top up their betting accounts with money from their bank accounts and use it instantly, without waiting for approvals.


Enable your users to pay for your services (education, healthcare, transportation, well-being, etc.) virtually, using funds from their bank accounts without the need for credit cards.


Allow your users to make loan repayments or pay for financial products directly from their bank accounts.

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Bank transfer, the new way to boost sales

We're not saying it, our customers are.

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”During the integration process, what we liked the most was the support we received from Prometeo’s team, it really was teamwork, we practically seemed like the same team working; we had their availability to adjust to our schedules and that allowed us to integrate in record time.”

Andrea Zolezzi

Digital Channels Manager - Apuesta Total

Bank transfer, secure transfer

At Prometeo, security is a fundamental part of our operations, which is why we comply with standards that ensure that bank transfer payments are carried out reliably and in alignment with international requirements.

  • Account to account payment service requires double-factor authentication by the user.

  • We do not save, store or share any type of information.

  • We are ISO 27001 certified, our operations are governed by security practices aligned with high international security standards.

  • We monitor our systems 24/7 to detect and analyze any security alerts in our records in real time.

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