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Payments API

Prometeo's payment API allows companies to initiate payments, transfer payments to third-party accounts, and perform mass payment dispersals. Thanks to these automations, our clients avoid any kind of delays and errors. This API also plays a key role in our Account-to-Account Payments service.

Payment link

Our Payment link allows your customers to pay the pre-loaded amount they need at the moment. In a few simple steps, Prometeo's customers can generate links individually or in bulk, without the need for integration.

Payments by QR code

Prometeo's QR code is another payment method through which companies can provide their customers with Prometeo's service easily and in a few steps. Without the need to download any app, the end user scans the code and follows the steps of the interface to make the payment. Like the payment link, this code is generated simply, either individually or in bulk, without the need for integration.


Prometeo's widget is a simple, customizable interface for our clients, enabling them to collect bank payments from their end-users.

Payment traceability

Payment traceability refers to the ability to track the path of a money flow from its origin to its final destination. At Prometeo, this is possible thanks to our Account-to-Account Payments service. The ability to trace cash is essential to ensure transparency and integrity in financial transactions.


Payins are a pioneering payment solution in the region offered by Prometeo. Through payins, companies can accept payments from their customers using various payment methods.


Payouts are exactly the opposite of payins. With this service, companies pay money to suppliers, freelancers, employees, customers, vendors, or other parties that need to be paid. Thanks to our payment API, payouts can be automated to avoid any delays and manual errors.

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Treasury management

Treasury management

Treasury management involves controlling cash-ins and executing cash-outs for companies. Thanks to Prometeo, businesses can automate the entire cycle of receiving and dispersing money in a secure and efficient manner.

Cash in

It is the process by which a company credits its account with money. This is usually done through a provider who receives the money and credits the account accordingly.

Cash out

It is the process by which a user deducts cash from their money account. This is usually done through a provider who delivers cash to the customer in exchange for a transfer from the customer's money account.

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Bank reconciliation

Bank reconciliation

Bank reconciliation is the process through which the movements or economic transactions carried out in your company during a certain period are controlled. Prometeo allows you to carry out this process in real-time, without delays or errors.

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Bank account consolidation

Bank account consolidation

Through Prometeo's bank account consolidation, it is possible to obtain a holistic view of the company's finances. The client can consolidate their bank accounts from different financial institutions and view their balances in each of them.

Information API

This Prometeo API allows you to access balances, historical reports, and dates of the bank accounts you need, always with the prior consent of the client.

Bank aggregation

Prometeo's bank aggregation is a service that allows companies to automatically collect and centralize information from accounts and clients, always with the prior authorization of each end user.

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Account validation

Bank account validation

Our Account Validation product allows companies to verify the information of each bank account before making a transfer or on boarding, avoiding erroneous transactions and fraud, as well as the operational and monetary costs they entail.

Validation API

Our validation API allows you to verify information about bank accounts, such as the account number, currency and type of account, account status and validity, and the account holder's name. With it, you can validate bank accounts individually or in bulk, in less than 10 seconds, before making any type of transfer or when registering new clients or users.

Know Your Customer

The Know Your Customer (KYC) process is the procedure that financial institutions undertake to verify the identity of their customers in compliance with legal requirements.

Financial onboarding

The digital onboarding of financial customers is the process used by financial institutions to onboard new customers into their portfolio, through digital tools. Onboarding is understood as the exchange of information between the user and the financial institution.

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The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a security standard published by the PCI SSC. It is aimed at defining controls for the protection of cardholder data and sensitive authentication data during processing, storage, and/or transmission. The entire infrastructure of Prometeo is built upon this standard to adhere to its regulations.

ISO 27001

The ISO 27001 standard, obtained by Prometeo, is an international standard that establishes the requirements for the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of an Information Security Management System (ISMS). This system is used to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. The standard provides a framework for information security that helps organizations identify and manage their information security risks effectively.


Service and Organization Controls 2 (SOC 2) is an audit of control procedures in IT organizations that provide services. This is an international reporting standard on cybersecurity risk management systems. At Prometeo we carry out audits in a regulated manner to guarantee the correct verification of processes and configurations.

OAuth2 Protocol

OAuth 2.0, which stands for 'Open Authorization,' is a standard designed to enable a website or application to access resources hosted by other web applications on behalf of a user. It is primarily designed as a means to grant access to a set of resources, such as remote APIs or user data. At Prometeo, we use this protocol to allow our clients to access user data, always with the user's prior authorization.

TLS 1.2 connections

TLS 1.2 is the protocol responsible for most of the encryptions that occur on the web. It is used for webmails like Gmail, access via FTP or sFTP, or for utilizing a VPN. Our connections use this protocol, ensuring that we keep data secure and protected at all times.

Vulnerability management

Vulnerability management is an ongoing process that we conduct at Prometeo, involving proactive asset detection, continuous monitoring, mitigation, correction, and defensive tactics needed to protect, identify, and address any security vulnerabilities in our infrastructure and applications.


The Token is an electronic key that enhances the security of information exchange. There are two types: the hard token, a physical electronic device that generates security codes required for specific actions, and on the other hand, the soft token generates the same codes as the hard token but through a mobile app.

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Open Banking

API key

It is the unique customer authentication key that must be used in all requests for information (API Calls) to Prometeo's service.


Prometeo's APIs are, in simple terms, vast highways capable of transporting standardized information that companies can use for various purposes, always with user authorization. In technical terms, our API is an interface that allows a program to interact and integrate with another system or program through a standard mechanism, saving time and costs involved in developing the specific functionality accessed through the API.

Banking API

Prometeo's banking APIs enable connecting to the customers' banking database, allowing you to make financial transactions. Prometeo provides a Banking API that allows our clients' systems to connect with the banks' services: accessing and retrieving information (balances, histories, amounts...) or conducting transactions (such as transfers).

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