Create payment links for your customers to pay from any device

Now your company can create links for your customers to connect to their bank and pay securely and quickly.

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with Payment links


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Collect with Payment link, allow payments outside your platform

With Prometeo you can generate payment links, send them to your customers through the channel of your choice and allow them to pay by bank transfer without having to log in to your app or website.

Receive payments with a Low Code integration

With this product, you have access to a panel in which you generate the payment links that you require, and the client will pay through them, without the need to make integrations or developments from scratch in your platform.

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Collect with Payment link and receive money in real time

When accessing the link, the client connects to his bank account and initiates the payment for the value you assigned to the link; in this way, the money will go from the client's account directly to your company's account, in real time and without intermediaries.

Pay with Payment link, in 5 steps


Your company generates the link.


You send the link to the customer.


The customer enters the link, connects to his bank and initiates the payment.


Your company receives the payment money at that moment.


The payment is confirmed and you get a notification that the link has been successfully used.

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What do you need for your customers to be able to pay with a Payment link?

  • 1
    Create an account in Prometeo
  • 2
    Request access to the Production environment
  • 3
    Access to your dashboard and generate the links you need


Day 1

  • Kick off
  • Prometeo account creation
  • Application Stage Environment in Production Test
  • Widget ID Request


Day 2 - 3

  • Embed the widget on the web

Day 4

  • Make URL available for webhook
  • Creation of verify token (the personalized code with which you will receive notifications from Prometeo)

Day 5 - 7

  • Payment status control


Day 8

  • Testing with trial payments

Day 9

  • Testing with real payments

Start up

Day 10

  • Production output

For what type of companies is the Payment link ideal?

Regardless of the sector, Payment links are convenient for any company that needs to receive money without the need for the customer to log in to their platform. With this product, companies can:

  • Collect debts
  • Sell
  • Allow service payments


At the moment of contacting a person to collect a debt, a link can be generated and sent to them so that they can access it instantly and make the payment.


Offer an alternative payment method so that your customer does not depend on credit cards, cash or logging into your website or app.


It allows your users to pay for the service they purchase with your company (education, health, transportation, wellness...) virtually, with money from their bank account and without the need to log in to your website.

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Why is Payment link useful?

Payment link is the service that allows your company to offer a payment option via bank transfer, without the need for the user to manually enter a website or app.

For example, when a company needs to contact a customer to collect a debt, what usually happens is that the call indicates the payment term and the amount, and the customer may have to go to a collection network, bank or payment office to settle the debt. This presents several difficulties, the first is that the customer is unlikely to make the payment at the time of the call, will have to reserve the time to travel and most likely between all their day to day pending, forget to do so. Payment Link provides a solution to these delays and forgetfulness, because during the same call the operator can generate a link with the exact amount of the debt and send it in real time by whatsapp or any other means so that the user can access it and connect with his bank and complete the payment in a matter of seconds. In this way, during the same call the client will have settled the debt and the company will receive the money.

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Massive links? It is also possible

Another solution offered by Link de pagos is to generate links in volume.

This solution allows companies to load a database with the information of the different payments, including the amounts of the debts, the currency, the concept and the collecting accounts; and thus generate links in bulk, which the company sends through the channel that best suits them, from whatsapp to mailing.

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Payment link: another way to scale your business

  • Money in real time: When collecting through a payment link, the payment is made directly from your client's account to your company's account, so the money is credited immediately.

  • Payments without intermediaries: Payments with link are a process that occurs directly between the customer's bank account and the company's bank account, so the payment is effective instantly, because there are no approvals or intermediaries involved.

  • Convenient costs: As there are no intermediaries in a payment, costs are reduced benefiting the company.

  • Secure payment: The payment is made with the same security standards used by the bank, even requiring the double authentication factor.

  • Easy conciliation: Keep track of all payments, identifying amount, time and status of each one, through a dashboard that your company has access to.

  • Real-time information: All transactions are updated as soon as they are made, which allows your company to immediately know the status of each payment.

Getting paid with Payment links means getting paid securely.

At Prometeo, security is a fundamental part, that is why we comply with the standards that guarantee that payments are made in a reliable manner and aligned with international standards.

  • The Payment link service requires two-factor authentication by the user.

  • We have a cryptographic bridge between the financial institution and the client, and data travels using TLS 1.2, which keeps information secure and private at all times.

  • We do not store or share any information.

  • We are ISO 27001 certified, which means that our operations are governed by security practices aligned with high international security standards.

  • We monitor our systems 24 hours a day to detect and analyze in real time any security alert in our records.

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