Generate payment links for your customers to conveniently pay from any device

Now your company can create links for your customers to connect to their bank and pay securely and quickly.

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With Payment links

charge easily

Receive payments with a low code integration

With this product, you have access to a panel where you generate the payment links you need, and the customer will pay through them, without the need for you to make integrations or developments from scratch on your platform.

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Make payments using the Payment Link in just 5 easy steps


Your company generates the link.


The link is sent to the customer.


The customer enters the link, connects to their bank and initiates the payment.


Your company receives the payment funds instantly.


The payment is confirmed and you get a notification that the link has been successfully used.

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What do you need for your customers to be able to pay with QR code?

  • 1
    Create an account in Prometeo
  • 2
    Request access to the Production environment
  • 3
    Access to your dashboard and generate the links you need


Day 1

  • Kick off
  • Prometeo account creation
  • Application Stage Environment in Production Test
  • Widget ID Request


Day 2 - 3

  • Embed the widget on the web

Day 4

  • Make URL available for webhook
  • Creation of verify token (the personalized code with which you will receive notifications from Prometeo)

Day 5 - 7

  • Payment status control


Day 8

  • Testing with trial payments

Day 9

  • Testing with real payments

Start up

Day 10

  • Production output

For which types of companies is the Payment link ideal?

Regardless of the industry, Payment links are convenient for any company that needs to receive payments without requiring customers to log in to their platform. With this product, companies can:

  • Collect debts
  • Sell
  • Allow service payments


When reaching out to collect a debt, a link can be generated and sent to the person, allowing them to access it instantly and make the payment.


Provide an alternative payment method, allowing your customers to be independent of credit cards, cash, or the need to log in to your website or app.


It enables your users to virtually pay for the services they purchase from your company (education, health, transportation, wellness...) using funds from their bank account, all without the need to log in to your website.

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Why is Payment link useful?

Payment link is created to offer your customers a payment option through bank transfer, without having to manually access any platform.

When a company needs to collect a debt and does so without a payment link, they contact the customer by phone, provide the amount and payment terms, requiring them to travel to a collection network to make the payment. During this process, there is a high likelihood that the customer may forget to make the payment. Payment link provides a complete solution to such processes, as during the call, you can generate and send the link with the exact amount of the debt, allowing the user to pay it in a matter of seconds.

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Massive links? It is also possible

Another solution provided by Payment link is the ability to generate links in bulk. This solution enables companies to upload a database containing information on various payments, including debt amounts, currency, concept, and collection accounts.

Consequently, links can be generated in bulk and sent through the preferred channel, ranging from WhatsApp to email.

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