Keep track of your treasury, easily reconcile and automate cash-in and cash-outs

Automatically access banking information that allows you to make your treasury processes more efficient, reduce manual risks and time.

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Have a treasury


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Automate your payments and run an efficient treasury management system

With this service you can automate payments between different financial institutions, avoiding forgetfulness or delays in your recurring payments, and keeping complete control and scheduling of expenses.

Access all your company's financial information in one place

Keep an automatic conciliation of all your company's bank accounts, regardless of whether they belong to different banks, bringing them together in one place and having their information updated in real time.

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Access standardized information and facilitate the operational management of your treasury

You no longer have to spend time and resources in accessing each homebanking of your different accounts, with Prometeo you can visualize all your accounts and their movements in the same place and in the same format, facilitating the reading and reconciliation process.

Optimize your resources

Automate processes and reduce cost overruns and lost time in rework caused by manual errors in reconciliations or forgotten payments.

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Integrate Prometeo, integrate fluency to your treasury

With Cash Management

  • Access to banking information automatically.
  • Consolidate all your company's bank accounts in one place, regardless of whether they belong to different banks.
  • Access the information of all your bank accounts in a standardized format and with updated movements in real time.
  • Automate your company's payments, avoiding forgetfulness, manual errors and cost overruns due to delays.

Without Cash Management

  • Access to banking information manually.
  • Enter manually and independently to each homebanking of each of your accounts to know their movements.
  • Manually access each of your accounts and find the information for each one in a different format for each bank.
  • Make manually and independently each one of your company's payments, entering manually each one of the payment data and creating reminders so as not to forget them.

An easy (very easy) to integrate Cash Management system

In Prometeo we have designed 5 stages in which we work together with the client so that in less than 5 days you can have a successful integration of this solution.


Day 1

  • Kick off
  • Prometeo account creation

QA & Implementation

Day 2

  • API testing in Sandbox

Day 3

  • Real data testing

Start up

Day 4

  • Production output

We are ready to make your company's processes easier and more secure, shall we begin?

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