Control your treasury easily and in real-time

Manage your treasury system and your finances in an agile and secure way by consolidating, in a single place and with the same format, the information of all your bank accounts, no matter which bank they belong to.

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Optimize your resources with Cash management

Our Treasury management service allows you to obtain a complete view of your financial resources automatically and in real-time.

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    Consolidate banking information from different accounts in one place.

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    Eliminate manual processes.

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    Access to updated information in real-time and in a standardized format.

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    Allocate manual work time to strategic developments.

Thanks to Prometeo we have achieved an optimization of time and resources, but there has also been a significant decrease in manual errors, which has led to improvements in different aspects that mitigate risks and delays.


Jorge Gomero

Project Director - Grupo Coril

Frequently asked questions

What is Cash management?

This technological solution allows companies to easily and efficiently keep track of their financial movements, consolidating all the company's bank accounts in a single place, allowing them to visualize the movements in real-time and presented in a single format.

How does it work?

Companies connect their ERP or management system of choice to Prometeo. This connection allows you to easily view information from multiple accounts, generate alerts for better financial control and automate the reconciliation of your transactions.

Which companies can use Cash management?

Companies with multiple bank accounts that need to monitor their transactions traditionally have to manually access each bank portal individually to view or download their statements. With Treasury management, this manual process is completely eliminated.

How soon can I integrate Treasury Management into my company?

At Prometeo, the integration of our products is fast and with permanent technical support. Therefore, it is possible to be done in less than 4 days.


With Prometeo, make your financial control an agile and secure process.

  • Easy integration: In less than 4 days you will have this service integrated.

  • Save time: Eliminate manual entries to the different homebanking accounts.

  • Agile and reliable: Consolidate all banking information in the same format, in real-time.

  • Secure: Our support team is available 24/7 to immediately address any critical incident.

  • Regional reach: Thanks to our reach in more than 10 countries in the region, your business can easily scale to other markets.

We are ready to make your company's processes easier and more secure, shall we begin?

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