With Bank Account Validation you can confirm that an account's information is real and correct

With this solution, you eliminate wrong transfers and avoid fraud in your company's records, since you can confirm that the data of the accounts you need to interact with are correct.

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Bank account validation:

Reduces fraud

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By verifying bank accounts, you improve your company's processes

By eliminating erroneous transfers, caused by having the wrong destination accounts, you also eliminate the cost overruns and reprocessing that these errors entail.

By having a registration or onboarding process that is only finalized if the information entered is correct and real, you reduce fraud and money loss.

Access to relevant information:

  • Bank

    The account number you need to interoperate with

  • Person

    The name of the account holder

  • Coin

    The operating term and currency of the account

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Validate bank accounts, improve money dispersion

By confirming that the details of the target accounts for a payment are correct, you guarantee that the transaction will be successful and will not turn into a waste of time and money.

Verify bank accounts, improve onboarding processes

Validate the authenticity of the profiles of users or companies that register on your platform to purchase your service. During registration, by entering their bank account number and personal data, you will be able to confirm that it is a real profile.

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What type of companies is Bank Account Validation ideal for?

This service is perfect for companies that periodically make payments to different bank accounts, or for those that ask their customers (company or individual) to register and enter bank information at the time they want to purchase or provide the service.

  • Banks

  • Service platforms (transport, home...)

Validate bank accounts with simple and fast integration

This service can be integrated into your system in less than 4 days, with permanent technical support.


Day 1

  • Kick off
  • Prometeo account creation

QA & Implementation

Day 2

  • API testing in Sandbox
  • Integration

Day 3

  • Real data testing

Start up

Day 4

  • Production output

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