We know the talent and abilities of each person in our team has brought us here and keeps us going forward.

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Ximena Aleman photo

Chief Executive Officer & Co Founder

Rodrigo Tumaián photo

Chief Executive Officer & Co Founder

Eduardo Veiga photo

Chief Technology Officer & Co Founder

Team & Culture

Florencia da Rosa photo

Team & Culture Manager


Melina Batalla photo

Accounting Manager

Mercedes Rojas photo

Executive Assistant


Benjamín Regueiro photo

Head of Operations

Florencia Ferrari photo

Support Manager

Sebastián Ramallo photo

Cybersecurity Officer

Ada Gamboa photo

Application Support Engineer

Emanuel Navarro photo

Monitoring Analyst

Danilo Vera photo

Application Support Engineer

Leonardo Olivera photo

Application Support Engineer


Rosario Flores Vidal photo

Head of Product

Mateo Rodríguez photo

Tech Product Manager

Caroline Clark photo

Functional Analyst

Sebastián Ropero photo

Sr. Product Analyst

Sales & Partnership

Iván Wortman photo

Head of Sales & Partnership

Federico Calvette photo

Solutions Engineer

Sheila Santa Cruz photo

Key Account Manager

Ignacio Pérez photo

Biz Dev


Lía Garayalde photo

Head of Comms

Lía Miranda photo


Romina Cerna photo

Comms Assistant


Alexia Ravera photo

Head of Marketing

María Angélica Herrera photo

Content Manager

José Alvarado photo

Jr. Sales Developer Representative


Víctor Basile photo

Head of Tech

Carlos Martínez photo

Tech Lead

Oriel de León photo

DevOps Engineer

Norlis Viamonte photo

DevOps Engineer

Santiago Pastorino photo

Tech Lead

Manuel Sánchez photo

Backend Developer

Flavio Sacaba photo

Backend Developer

Isaac González photo

Backend Developer

Agustín Castillo photo

Backend Developer

Victorio Scafati photo

Project Lead

Alexei Díaz photo

Full Stack Developer

Martín Cossani photo

QA Lead

Maria Laura Galbarini photo

QA Analyst

Verónica Perez photo

Frontend Developer

Antuane Ación photo

Full Stack Developer

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