Gender inclusion Guide

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Gender inclusion Guide
  1. Introduction
  2. Context
  3. Diversity & inclusion
  4. Communication and Language


We are what we do to change who we are. In Prometeo we are fully aware of the impact decisions and actions have upon everyone. We trust in theory but we communicate through practice. That is the reason one of our ideals as a startup company is to develop an environment that shows inclusion in all and every one of its dimensions, embracing all genders, cultures, races, ideas and languages. We encourage an environment that is based on and aims at our professional development, but also acknowledging our personal side. We fully believe that talent has and adopts many different forms and speaks many languages.


Fintech’s ecosystem is an innovative sector in its own right, an ecosystem that constantly challenges the status quo. At the same time, Fintech combines two areas traditionally dominated by men: Technology and economy. Although there are many companies with inclusion policies that have generated changes, there still is a gender gap that needs to be addressed.

Diversity & inclusion

We are convinced that people have an endless variety of abilities that are not connected to their gender, social or racial condition. We created a working ecosystem firmly based on this fact, an ecosystem that is fair and equal, just like the world we believe in.

As actors in the Fintech sector, we are committed to promote women’s participation in the technological world, and contribute for such participation to become broader and normal over time.

Based on the promotion for diverse teamworks, our inclusion and diversity plan consists of the following goals:

  • Encourage plurality among those people that make up Prometeo teamwork, by taking their different personalities, perspectives, genders, races, cultures, thinking, work approach and experience into account, unleashing their full potential as much as possible. Neither origin, race, culture nor ideologies are excluding factors when analyzing an application process. On the contrary, our teamwork is open to new ways of thinking, it even goes to other cities, countries and continents to allow different perspectives to nurture and permeate Prometeo’s culture.
  • Establish flexible workloads that encourage family, academic, personal, emotional and affective development of those who participate in the company’s own development. We truly believe professional life should not overshadow personal life, in fact, we want personal life to be above all. That is the reason we trust and promote autonomy and responsibility of all members in our teamwork, to administer their own time schedule, wherever they choose to work from, and as their day to day activities allow them to. We know health, motherhood or fatherhood, and any other personal aspect are not completely manageable. Accordingly, within a responsible framework, we want professional life to adapt to personal life.
  • Encourage exchange and open dialogue spaces among members of our teamwork to get in contact with different perspectives, cancel biased stances and exchange learning experiences. As a team that oftentimes works remotely, we create face-to-face spaces to share and get to know each other in a personal way. We also promote open channels of communication and contact among people, regardless of their roles or experiences.
  • Level and equate gender gap and promote inclusion within leadership roles. We know abilities are not tied to gender, but in many contexts opportunities are really connected to this kind of situation. We promote leadership roles among women and other groups. We believe knowledge, abilities and experience are aspects that enable them to lead teamworks successfully.

Communication and Language

Internal Communication

Since principles of equity and freedom are our priorities, we value and appreciate that the members of our team identify and express themselves with their own inclusive language, and use it freely throughout all the communication channels within the company.

External Communication and Language Orientations

Beyond the use of “they” or “them”, it is important to be aware of those expressions that, due to their idiomatic nature, mark a certain gender. We suggest looking up neutral terms and concepts which do not mark a difference in genders, by using neutral gendered language in all kinds of communicative situations, oral or written, formal or informal, with public or private audiences.

What does language-neutral mean?

In clear contrast to sexist language, language neutral, or neutral gendered language, promotes the use of gender free language.

How is it use?

In our internal communications and other contents, we suggest using gender free terms, and any generic language that applies to everyone, regardless of their gender choice or condition.

Visual Representation, Images and Designs

In graphic material that includes human images, male images will be avoided, as well as female images showing lower hierarchy.

Example: When referring to roles that do not mark any gender in particular, such as “manager”, “CEO” or “leader” we suggest the use of images that do not represent that of a male.

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