We are borderless

2024-06-21/Ximena Aleman - Prometeo/2 min
We are borderless

Every material border is first a mental border. On that intangible limit, which is the idea of the boundary, we build the walls of reality. Six years ago, at the dawn of Prometeo, Rodrigo had an epiphany: the limit of Prometeo was the limit of our capabilities. This idea became a mantra and led to a profound process of group growth, under the premise that only by expanding our capabilities could we make Prometeo grow. Later on, we learned that the first limit was a reflection in the mirror, the outline we traced around our silhouette.

From that epiphany, we were born.

It is always today, and the present is also a boundary. We exist on the threshold between what we were and what we will become. At Prometeo, six years ago, unifying our region into a single banking API was a vision that shone with the brilliance of a thousand suns. It was our chimera. Since then, our home has been within the intangible continent that is Latin America.

A poet once said, "We never dreamed of conquering the world, but we’ve been able to conquer our dreams." Today, with more than 500 APIs and 300 financial institutions on our platform, Prometeo’s fire has already ignited Latin America, and that vision is no longer in the future.

Now, what is the edge of a flame? Where is the frontier of the heat it radiates?

Movement is our form. We exist at the edges of the limits imposed upon us, the limits we tolerate, and the limits we decide to change.

The drive of the fire is expansion, that’s why we are the movement that pushes the limit, the same limit that first existed in our minds. So we will walk to the other side of the shore and build bridges to the right of the edge. From today, our frontier is beyond Latin America, and our API has no boundaries.

We are the light of a rising sun that begins to gallop through time. A flame without borders, a radiance without limits. We are borderless.

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